What is SEO(Search Engine Optimization)?

In a rapidly emerging world of websites, owing a website depends a lot on the search results for better ranking so that people can find what they are looking for. That is when SEO or Search Engine Optimization comes into play. Without the SEO one’s probability of even finding this content will be nullified .Given the lot of definitions according to the major search engines such as Google or Yahoo and their multiple definitions of the SEO, let us take a look at one of it.

According to the foremost of the search engine definitions by Google. It defines SEO as the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particularwebsite by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine. We abhor traffics in our everyday life as it hinders us from being on time for our daily chores or defer our work. However, in the case of SEO the more traffic is better as it is the good way of marketing a website ‘ the key to getting more traffic lies in integrating content with SEO and social media marketing. Individuals and companies striving for the top invests tons of money for SEO campaigns, which only adds to the value of SEO.

However the simplest explanation of the SEO has been given by the Common Craft in their collaboration with the Search Engine Land where it balance the SEO with a librarian of the world left only to our imagination about the amount of information he needs to install then categorizing them on the basis of people’s demand and how they meet the demand by giving the people back with the best also having a system that connects or links the book to each other such as bibliographies at the end of every book.

The competency of the search engines managing the innumerable contents of the world’s website accounts to a secret known as the algorithm which turns all the information into useful search results and optimizing the website’s content with a secret keyword density only known to the SEO. Also, like a good method in every reputed field having good variety of source, the ingredients in the SEO will also require having a good title as the sole importance of attraction, also the precise or the relating words matter. Deceiving has always played their part for reasons known to them in their own way, as such, the words or the links that relate between websites play a good

part both for each others own good. Given the SEO’S major role in permeating as the most reliable source in the search engine, it has become completely unfeasible to imagine our daily life without the SEO.
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