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Wedding catering in Delhi

While lazing around the sultry Monday evening on Face-book, we came across this very beautiful and insightful video on ‘dating’ and ‘marriage’. In this particular video, the man talks about why he would never date, not that he is against it, he makes sure of that. However, the point that he makes that grips our mind is when he made this valid point, the focal point of the topic when he says that dating is chiefly relied on to ‘chance’, a chance where one is uncertain of being with your other half for a lifetime as they are made to believe. Wedding or a marriage on the other hand, is one of the biggest step any individual can make, it is a promise of ‘commitment’ of a lifetime for better or for worse. It is either the biggest blessing or the greatest curse but hey let us not be cynical here. Not many are a fan of the ‘happily ever after’ story but it also does not mean that it does not exists, it exists for the lucky, blessed few. Birth, death and marriages are the things that happen o…

How is Magento good for e-commerce development

Years before e-commerce development started mushrooming, a lot had to be relied on individuals manually dealing with each customer, best cited by the retail store below us. We see the employees being manually engaged in everything indispensable like stocking, arranging goods as algorithms would now have us do, handing out and etc…However, all these conducts has been made easy with the emergence of e-commerce developments in around 1991, Magento being one. First named as Bento in the early 2007s, but by august 31st the same year Magento had its first public beta version. Ever since its start, Magento as an e-commerce platform has a staggering 200,000 online retailers and is chosen by 1 of every 4 online business which makes it the more better e-commerce development as is mentioned in the designation.
However, according to the Google’s definition of Magento;’’ Magento is an e-commerce platform build on open source technology which provides merchants with a flexible shopping cart system, a…

What is adobe photoshop?

People born in the 1900’s will know the uneasy passport size school photo of ours which we so desperately try to hide it from our friends or crushes. It is sometimes incomprehensible as to how one is made to look so out of proportion in that mandated pictures, not that it is the photographer’s blunder. But thanks to advancements such as Adobe photoshop of recent times, one does not have to worry about the misfortunate ache or blemishes that appear overnight as if in anticipation for our day of photoshoot. Now, let us look into exactly what an Adobe photoshop is; the simplest definition of it will be the programme made by Adobe that allows you to put all of your mind’s traffic onto one canvas. The more technical definition of Adobe photoshop given by is; Photoshop is Adobe’s photo editing, image creation and graphic design software.
Our rich world of creativity now has even become richer for people not missing of creativity with programmes such as Adobe photoshop that allows …

How is social media marketing a boom....

Any sister having a brother as a sibling will know the irrefutable fact of having a mounting chair in his room,piled-up with clothes of all types assembled together but is fervently restricted from dis-mounting . That finicky chair of his somewhat humorously has its similarities with modern day social media marketing, both serving as a pool of collections of all sorts, good and bad, controversial, argumentative, inspirational etc etc. With the statistical data of more than half the world’s population currently on the internet,  roughly 75% of those people on social media, with addition of three-fourth of them having social media as mentioned by Wikipedia, Social media marketing as a platform is not expected to loose its pace anytime soon.
Let us look into what really a social media marketing is according to the simplest definition also given by Wikipedia; Social media marketing is the use of social media platform and websites to promote a product or service. Some of the eminent platfor…

What is SEO(Search Engine Optimization)?

In a rapidly emerging world of websites, owing a website depends a lot on the search results for better ranking so that people can find what they are looking for. That is when SEO or Search Engine Optimization comes into play. Without the SEO one’s probability of even finding this content will be nullified .Given the lot of definitions according to the major search engines such as Google or Yahoo and their multiple definitions of the SEO, let us take a look at one of it.
According to the foremost of the search engine definitions by Google. It defines SEO as the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particularwebsite by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine. We abhor traffics in our everyday life as it hinders us from being on time for our daily chores or defer our work. However, in the case of SEO the more traffic is better as it is the good way of marketing a website ‘ the key to getting more traffic lies in integrating cont…

Cooking classes in Delhi

An accidental click on Youtube let to an arrival of a video on ‘the not so girly girl’, where the character playing the aforementioned role was being chided for her not knowing how to cook. The mother is heard saying ,‘The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ which is implausibly absurd because it is not only men but the human race even animals which can be won-over with Yes! You guessed it! Our best education starts from the one place we call home which includes all the fundamental activities necessary as a human being. However, there are a misfortunate few who do not have the prospect of having  being taught. That is when a saviour in the guise of a website like ‘Aaugritaa caterers’, a brain child of Shiv Shankar Ghosh happens. Although, they as a platform deal with caterings, mostly public events, they also provide classes for food gourmets out there.
Cooking Classes  The cooking classes in Delhi of Aaugritaa caterers deal with a lot of culinary from all over the …