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Best cooking classes in Delhi

One of the most outstanding figures in the history of medicine, the great Greek physician Hippocrates said’’ Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’’. If one of the most astute physician could state food as an elixir, then it is certain it must be. Apart from food being the remedy to everything, who would have thought the food that we love to relish involved art? Let us emphasize into the ‘art’ discussion. You wouldn’t think that the delicious food that your loving parents prepare just magically popped up on the table, did you? Unless you have some fairy godmother hiding in some closet, it is certain that the delicious food must have involved meticulous, precise and concerted attention. This is why preparing a food or a cuisine involves the right amount of condiment to be added, the right amount of the stock, spices, vegetables so and so. This is just in talk to the regular routine kitchen-cooking. Culinarians however are required to have knowledge of food science, nutritio…

Difference between a good and a bad website

To highlight the difference between what a good web design and bad web design is, all comes down to the reason of its making .  Web designers in their own aspect will categorise which according to them makes a good website. But for the general masses, it all comes down to the usability and the purpose the website can serve. With over 1 billion websites and more on the rise, it is irrefutable that there will be good and bad web designs. The difference can be drawn back to the strategy behind the design along-with the user experience and methodology of how the website can be used as a tool for a business or an organisation.
For web designers, the ongoing war of competing websites are important and crucial to continue building a website. The creativity involved is used as a weapon to generate business which is the one sole reason of converting a visitor into a prospect. But for a daily user, websites serve a different purpose, the purpose solely relies on how good or bad the website is. W…

What are the roles and responsibilities of a graphic designer ?

In a world of advanced technology, the major aspect of our everyday life is dependent on visual communication. A telepathic individual might have the ability to bring forth someone’s imagination but for regular people, bringing out someone’s imagination or ideas is incomprehensible.
But for graphic designer, bringing forth someone’s idea or message is his forte .And this communication is made possible by the artistic skills and abilities who make all visual communication possible. Starting from the most trivial to the most complex of everyday things. A virtual artist will use his skills, tools and emotion to express his cognizant, profound imagination to the audience. Graphic designer in contrary divulge into the minds of the clients to bring forth the client’s desired results.
Virtual artists use canvases through which he brings forward his imagination, graphic designers on the other hand uses the art and techniques of typography, photography and illustration. These arts are conveyed t…

Difference between print design and web design

Whilst both print design and web design are powerful tools to impact and persuade the audience to arrive at a conclusion through media, layout, colour, texts, careers, audience etc, print design in comparison dates way back around 15th century, Germany. Since then, the use of visual communication to give a message through the intentional aesthetic design has heavily influenced the style of designs created by graphic designers.
In very simple words, print design is for a page such as magazine advertisements, product designs and packaging, business cards, logos etc while web design on the others hand are for the sites such as the standard HTML websites, flash websites, email newsletters, banner advertisements etc. Web design as the newer trend in regards to communication is the more interactive with higher expectations of the two because of the numerous sites and social media in existence each single day, people have the tenacity to view the websites from a plethora of different devices …

Examples of a good digital marketing strategy

When Reliance’s Mukesh Ambani announced the availability of the much awaited JIO SIM from the 5th of September, 2016, the whole of India went bonkers. Any individual with smart-phones as cheap as 2,999 could sample all the Jio services till the 31st of December for gratis. The movement was no doubt a good marketing strategy with over 16 million users claiming to use the SIM. A good digital marketing is not only about the increase in conversion. It is also about the competition it ignites as Jio sure did. Competitors such as Bharti Airtel had to now develop a better strategy. This ongoing battle of being ahead is what makes a business function.
Digital marketing as a vast platform both via on and off internet has many implementations. One among them is the recent use of social media and the use of advertisements. Advertisements are everywhere, on the Tv, on websites, outdoor, radio and even cinema. Although brands are opting to optimize the use of social media with creativity yet inform…

What are the benefits and importance of Digital marketing ?

With the onset of Globalisation in the 1970’s and the intervention of the internet in marketing, the world has shrunk. Meaning connecting or keeping in touch with people from every corner of the world rests at a click of a button. So, unless one is beyond satisfied with his business, digital marketing might be a good strategy. Now, the question is why one should implement digital marketing. First and foremost, 93% of online experience begins with search engines viable only through the internet. With the every minute rise of people on the internet, it should be made use of.  Digital marketing now relies mostly on the internet to market goods and services.
To market goods and services involves making known the particular brand or company. The good news is, through the internet’s various channels providing content, feedbacks and testimonials, a particular company can now easily attracts customers. Knowing what a customer wants is pivotal to every business growth. And it should be a priori…

What do web designers do?

When you see a beautiful sculpted statue, normally what one see is the statue itself and not the meticulous, tedious process that must have involved resulting in giving you this beautiful outcome. The same thinking is assumed of web designers, what the customer sees are not the designer’s cognitive ideas but the finished outcome, the website before his/her eyes.
A web designer’s role is assumed to simply create websites and web pages that show off the client’s ordeal leading to the possibility of a larger number of potential customers but the real insight of a web designer’s role is more than just creating a website for the internet.
The statue that we talked of about is the outcome of the sculpture’s clear-cut use of his tools such as his chisel, mallet, rasps, rifflers etc that amounted to the given result. In the same manner, web designers too must possess tools to design the asked-website and his tools here are Html, CSS and JavaScript which are also the backbone of every web design…

What makes a good Graphic designer ?

This question ought to be applicable not just to the designated graphic designers but also to all the people in the working industry. What is being left unsaid is that, most good graphic designers posses in themselves some principles that have determined why they have been called ‘good’ so in the first place. There is so much more than just the inborn talents that makes one a good graphic designer, being trained to acquire tools that can make a difference to the world they could have every audacity to boast off of. But that is not so for a good graphic designer, to be good in the vast growing industry means to be in harmony with the clients and the people. There are so many characteristics that determine which factors makes one a good graphic designer, but we will only talk of just the basic, inevitable points.
Communication: The first and foremost factor is to establish a good communicating story that corresponds to the client’s stipulation, brand and ideas. In the airport when you go…

What is the difference between Social media marketing and Digital marketing ?

The answer is as simple as can be. Digital marketing is the banquet while social media marketing is a part of the many many meals on the huge table. The latter is a recent tool implemented by the digital marketing to process their marketing growth. While digital marketing is a canopy of term used for all marketing efforts to build and engage on the digital platforms, social media marketing happens to be a part of the internet marketing which happened to be a part of digital marketing. There is a vast difference between what a social media marketing is and what a digital marketing is in their similarities.
Social media as the name suggests is used to socialise, to connect and bring people together for various different reasons and since it is a platform where a vast number of people engages in, a properly defined social media profile can help boost SEOs which is just one of the many reasons it has been used as a tool to aggravate digital marketing.
Digital marketing as we know is the pro…