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Difference between a graphic design and a web design

For a person of no medical knowledge, the many specialization of doctors might not deter them from assuming they are all doctors. Yes, they are no doubt doctors in general but the difference here is the huge differences of work involved. In the same way, both graphic design and web design being under the design industry can seem confusing.
Graphic design is generally understood as creating graphics, typography and images to present an idea. It is mostly concerned with the visual and artistic aspect of a work which can be done both by hand or with technological help. While graphic design is concerned with the looks and appearance, web design is concerned with how the website works. The former unlike the latter emphasizes on art first. Using visual arts, typography and page layout techniques they create visual compositions and emphasize visual theory in the designs. Not just designs, but astounding designs with a message behind it. Hence, graphic designs for the most part all comes down …

Why should you be using a CMS?

Developing a website with all the coding language is something not everyone is privileged to. And this can cause the users discontentment with the website they have. Because you can expect not everyone to be as tech savy as you are to be editing and creating contents. Hence to break down the wall between developing a website and wanting to develop your own website is when a CMS proves the most helpful. A training wheel might eventually help you to drive in the beginning but it also does not mean that one should rely on it forever. To drive faster and with choice, eventually one has to let go. Go on about driving your own way whichever style you want.
CMS as is known ‘is a software that stores your website content, enabling easy editing for novice web administrators and allows multiple web administrators to log in to a single system and collaborate on updating your website’. The point being, you can now create and edit your website in the easiest way possible. You no longer have to rely…

Why is having a website important ?

The real question here should be, why should why not have a website. To those 45-5% still not having a website, they are missing the best part of their intentions. The age of looking at newspapers or newsletters for the awaited information you were seeking for is a chapter gone. Not to discredit or say that it isn’t in use anymore. A lot still do, also a lot have chosen to choose the more convenient way out. When a vendor wants to sell his products in the market, he will always choose the busiest location without doubt. With over 78% of the adults across the world spending time online, there is no reason as to why one should not be having a website at this age. Having a website can impact every scope of daily lives in their own way.
In business, websites are a great marketing tool which opens the door for other low-cost marketing options. Such as SEO’s, SEM’s or social media marketing, search engines drive in more customers and website as a platform provides the option to do so. With t…

Why is web development important ?

To talk about web development without website will be like a pen without an ink. Web-development means developing a website for the internet but the one million dollar question is, why should one not have a website at this time. Without having an online presence, the value of your product no matter how tempting they appear is diminished. We generally associate web development as developing a website for the internet. But to understand a web development entails much more than just developing a website. It involves the website functionalities development in the front-end, back end and also the database.
When you are made aware of something on a website, it automatically traces back to web development which made it exist.  Better website means more visitors hence it is also worthwhile to consider the design aspects when developing one. There is less scope for doubt that better looking website attract more customers. Websites are the storefront and it is best to make sure that it is clean,…