6 eCommerce SEO Strategies Essential for Website Ranking

If anyone told you SEO is a one-day thing, don't believe them. Because it's not. It is an everyday pursuit for the website and particularly for the ecommerce site. Your products should be found by the customers who are ready to purchase. And SEO is the factor that does all the magic in the ecommerce marketing strategy. Here is the article that will make your SEO game strong for your e-commerce business.   What is ecommerce SEO?   Ecommerce SEO refers to the method to optimize a website as per the approaches of main search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, and Google. That makes them appear frequently and rank high on the search results. It sounds impossible, but SEO is not that challenging if you know how to do it. Most store owners and webmasters are using SEO best practices for years without actually realizing it. Yet competition online is intense, whereas the amount of ecommerce stores is growing daily. That made it vital   now than ever before   SEO includes ma

Use SMS messaging to Improve your Marketing Strategies in 2022

With the advent of 2022, the dominance of digital tools and media increases and its hold over businesses and marketing has strengthened further. If you’re part of a start-up or an established business, a digital presence is a prerequisite before moving into the market further. Ecommerce has thus several strides and newer tools and strategies are being brought up as the world of business advances. SMS messaging, one of the main tools used today to establish an online presence and connect with customers, can lead you forward this year with strong ecommerce strategies that will put your business ahead of the rest. Text messaging  has now been proven through research and customer surveys as highly preferred over the previously dominant mode of email marketing. Email communication reigned the previous decade, with many businesses shifting to it from cold calling, and several using emails as primary mode of contact with company representatives as well as customers. However, its approach is

15 different types of cakes that a cake-a-holic should know

 The cake is a delicious dessert to celebrate with. But how many of you know the scrumptious cake types, these cakes are variations of a limited basic kind. Know the difference between these cakes and be an expert in what you love. 1. Pound Cake Pound cake is such a traditional and classic one, that it uses one pound of cake ingredients as flour, eggs, sugar, and butter while baking.  It’s dense with a perfect base for several different variations. This sour cream pound cake divides the folds and butter in the sour cream for a much moist and tangier version. 2. Genoise cake Genoise is much similar and referred to as the sponge cake in France or Italy. In a tried recipe of a genoise cake, sugar, whites, and egg yolks are mixed for the mousse-like mixture. Then, butter, oil, and flour are folded in. This kind of sponge cake is tender and moist. It just feels like a sponge cake cousin. 3. Layer cake How many layers do you need on your cake may isn't it?   Two or three, or more layers

Difference between SMS & MMS Messaging

  SMS and MMS messaging are way different but they appear the same in your cell phones. They have some notable differences and we are here to talk about the same. Let’s begin with the definitions: What are SMS messages? To put it simple, SMS messages are simple text-only messages that can be transmitted over traditional cellular phone networks. There is no need for an internet connection when you need to send or receive a SMS message. It is a very simple and affordable way to send messages to almost any mobile service. What are MMS messages? They are similar to SMS messages in some ways. Though, these kinds of messages include images, videos, and sound. As it carries multimedia, it needs an internet connection to send or receive the texts. In most cases, MMS is not as effective as SMS messages when it comes to sending text-only messages. Key Differences between SMS and MMS Messages: When it comes to count the differences between SMS and MMS messages is a handful. The d

The Best Employee Scheduling & Shift Planning Software

 Managers surely devoted hours of work with the traditional spreadsheets and paper records to document their worker's attendance and work hours, leave days. Automating the employee scheduling tasks accesses you to concentrate on more factors such as strengthening a strong team culture and ensures that your staff is glad. GuniTime employee scheduling software solutions are utilized for reporting, reporting, planning over your worker’s timesheets and tasks. This involves handling shifts, tracing sick time, clock in and clock outs, and wage payments depending on fair data, whatever it is, how many teams and locations you’re in charge of. With Gunitime, you could notify or alert employers of accessibility changes to support a throughout the collaborative system. To sync labor data and sales, truck management, Gunitimes associates with payroll solutions. ● Gunitume timesheets data includes pictures, comments, and location and creates work shifts within unique business locations and jo

Must have Chikankari styles in your wardrobe this 2021 summer - Saadgi

  Indian affection towards traditional clothes can be never compared with anything.   It could be a    lehenga or a sari,   a simple Kurti to elegant Anarkali. As summers are showering us with hot temperatures it is time to transform our wardrobes to light colors and pastel shades and sleeveless, due to the tropical climate.   Anyway, Indian traditional clothes are so comfy where Kurtis and short kurta are always in fashion and the most favorite go-to outfit for women. A kurta is an accomplished garment that one should have in one closet. One can style it in several ways and pair it with salwar, sharara, leggings,   palazzo pants, etc. Pair it with the adequate accessories that could make the outfit suitable party wear for a party or as formal workwear.   Chikankari Kurtis is India's dearest one for summer. Chikankari is a traditional craft of embroidery from Lucknow. Chikankari embroidery style needs delicate threads for weaving in detailed patterns with tremendous finess

How to Choose a Table Runner?

A table runner is the best method to accessorise your table which dresses the centre of your table and running the length than usual table cloth. This makes your table to shine mainly if you have a wooden table. If you don't have it's fine because these table runners will create many unique looks that range for causal to formal and festive to rustic. These are not common before but they are very famous now. Here we got a great guide to help you In choosing the best table runner.   1.Pick Table Runner Which Is Perfect For Your Dining Table   This should be the first method to consider. To consider your table runner dimensions for the table you should measure the width of the dining table then divide it by three. If you have 60 inches wide rectangular or square table your runner needs to be 20 inches. So your place setting doesn't overlap with your table runners. Table runners  need to be hanged six inches on both sides of the table ideally.   2. Fabric   Tabl

Choosing the Best Magento Developer & Solutions Partner for Your eCommerce Website

Running and launching a new business is daunting as there are many aspects that should be taken care of by business owners. In terms of eCommerce technical side of a project known to be needed one. If you don't have an internal IT team, outsourcing web development towards third party service providers is cost-effective and practical option.   There are many service providers to boost in-depth technology skills and domain expertise. They know how to get hands over skills in eCommerce software development and to be in the know of new adheres and trends to firm best standards and practices. Choosing the best people Will decides the failure or success of your company.   In this post, we discuss vital points to keep in minds while picking Magento developer & solutions partner for eCommerce website. What and why you need Magento solution partner and developers for your eCommerce site? Magento solution partners and developers are the ones consulting brands and business which ar

Why Should You Move to Magento 2?

  Magento launched their new Magento 2 platform at the end of 2015. That made many retailers facing tough decisions for moving from Magento 1 to Magento 2. Many merchants re-platformed to Magento 2 or to other platforms like Shopify Plus and Magento 2.   It's 2020 yet people are still confused about whether to migrate or not. Support for Magento 1 ended on June 2020. If you still stayed on Magento 1 and thinking to the same question" why I need to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2 ?". This article is surely for you. Look at it. What Can Happen If I Haven't Changed To Magento 2?   We all know if support ends on a platform it suddenly becomes useless for sure. Let's see what you can face if you haven't migrated to Magento 2.   ●      You should face all the bugs on your own ●      Cyberattacks ●      You don't get support to your store. Your store will be close to security beaches. ●      No updates over modules. ●      Outdated tech