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Should i use wordpress for my website ?

We are assuming the more befitting question as, why shouldn’t you be using WordPress website development for your website?? Because the last count for websites suggested WordPress alone powers 27% of the world’s website.  Hence, when facts are presented right before our nose, it makes us question. Is it worth figuring out?  No, it is worth more than just figuring out. It is worth dwelling in-to.
WeCart Online Solutions having had fruitful results with time and experience in website development knows our client’s quandary. Because having a website can be costly. By costly we mean having someone to design, then build ,then maintain. And oh even manage for the website. Plus the arising doubts for SEO’s ranking, it can get cumbersome. But amidst the entire rising question we couldn’t be more proud as being part of the WordPress website development.  And we are here to tell you…no assert you why you should have a WordPress website development.
WordPress websites development fore-mostly are d…

Why magento is the preferable e-commerce plateform ?

There is a reason why some of the most prolific brands in the world such as Coca Cola, Ford use Magento as their e-commerce platform. Known as the WordPress of e-commerce, this gigantic e-commerce platform supports over a quarter of all e-commerce websites.
As the world gets smaller, businesses gets bigger and online merchant looks for a bigger platform, Magento website development expands further. Let us look into some of the reasons why Magento stands out among the various e-commerce platforms.
Magento website development like WordPress is also an open CMS platform but with the capability of hosting multiple websites. Magento offers a variety of plugins and themes to easily enhance the customer’s experience.  Such flexibility gives the online merchants the freedom to expand their shopping cart system. Also, in addition to having control over the look, content and functionality of their online store. Wecart Online Solutions uses this community-based Magento products for our e-commerce …