How is social media marketing a boom....

Any sister having a brother as a sibling will know the irrefutable fact of having a mounting chair in his room,piled-up with clothes of all types assembled together but is fervently restricted from dis-mounting . That finicky chair of his somewhat humorously has its similarities with modern day social media marketing, both serving as a pool of collections of all sorts, good and bad, controversial, argumentative, inspirational etc etc. With the statistical data of more than half the world’s population currently on the internet,  roughly 75% of those people on social media, with addition of three-fourth of them having social media as mentioned by Wikipedia, Social media marketing as a platform is not expected to loose its pace anytime soon.

Let us look into what really a social media marketing is according to the simplest definition also given by Wikipedia; Social media marketing is the use of social media platform and websites to promote a product or service. Some of the eminent platforms being the Face-book, twitter, instagram, pinterest  serving the ‘intended’ social interest. A child of fourteen coming across a picture or a video that he or she so loves must be completely unaware of the input he or she is making to the other side of the world for whom the single view or a like matters in his world of business. That single input becomes a factor in the world of social media marketing to expand, a scenario of uniformed contribution. Let us now talk of the planned promotions in regards to social media marketing both paid and unpaid taking  Face-book as one of the primary example as it  the easiest, simplest and most used social media networking website. In speculation, a regular Face-book user has friends not less than 500 friends which only keeps branching  out like  social media marketing emanating  like a bioluminescent insects by the beach, you touch one and the whole lightens up, it is as easy as it can be. So, a person with 500 friends say, can promote a product or service fastidiously with the right aiding groups or friends in helping the promotion.

Social Media

Coming back to the reality of the topic, social media marketing, and why it is favoured and chosen by the lots .In the earlier days, the speedy spread of any news or information was compared to a wildfire however now, with the onset of technology bringing along with it the various boon and bane as is the universe was formed or created. Of all the many reasons why social media marketing is in such a boom lies in the expediency and time-saving factor it provides. For the hubbub world , the two aforementioned reason is of utmost  importance and social media marketing with its various platforms helps in doing just what is expected. For example, the introduction of mobile phones which now-a-days has social networking capabilities and  immediate web browsing and access to social networking sites has all the more added to the convenience in the realm of social media marketing.

The world as a body in social media marketing becomes one undivided by time, place or distance. One is not overshadowed by another’s opinion as social media marketing gives us scope to question, disapprove, like , disagree, share all instaneously. Taking a deep inside into what the world has arrived at, that is, an arrival to convenience social media marketing as a growing platform provides just so.
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